<aside> ⚠️ Always use a Heckler Lectern with a Desk Pad installed. The powder-coated finish of the desktop is designed to be protected from wear by using an H902 Desk Pad.


In the Box

H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_1.mp4


H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_2.mp4

<aside> 💡 It is normal for the desk pad to not lay completely flat at this point.


H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_3.mp4

H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_4-5.mp4

<aside> 💡 There are subtle marks near the corners of the lectern desktop. These marks are normal and are used to correctly position the desk pad.


H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_6.mp4

H902. Lectern Deskpad_UG_7.mp4

<aside> 💡 To flatten curled edges, carefully massage the curled edge of the desk pad in the opposite direction.