In the box

modesty panel in the box.jpg


<aside> 💡 To prevent scratches during transit, it is recommended that you unbox and install the modesty panels in the actual room where the lectern will be used.


<aside> ⚠️ If your large modesty panel includes a custom-printed logo, this artwork may be covered with a protective film. Leave this protective film in place for now.



<aside> 💡 Standard modesty panels are frosted of both surfaces. Therefore the panel is reversible and the modesty panel spacers can be installed to either panel side.


<aside> 💡 The installation hardware for your modesty panel set is included with your H900 Heckler Lectern.


modesty panel hardware.png

H901.Modesty Panel_UG_Assembly_1.mp4

H901.Modesty Panel_UG_Assembly_2.mp4