In the box

A. 1 x main body (R800)

B. 1 x front panel (R501)

C. 1 x mounting bracket for Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and Rally Bar Huddle (R724)

D. 1 x cable chase (R550)

E. 1 x wall-mounting template (K394)

F. 2 x mounting screw for camera brackets (F036)

G. 2 x mounting screw for Rally Bar & Rally Bar Mini (F038)

H. 1 x hex key for installing camera brackets (F776)

I. 1 x set screw for mounting PTZ cameras (F040)

J. 1 x wingnut for mounting PTZ cameras (F041)

K. 1 x spacer for mounting PTZ cameras (F042)

L. 4 x drywall-mounting screw (F039)

M. 4 x drywall-mounting washer (F035)

N. 4 x drywall-mounting spacer (F034)

O. 4 x drywall-mounting wall anchor (F037)

P. 5-foot roll of hook & loop strap (F947)

Q. 5 x strapping buckle (F751)

R. 2 x key (F033)