In the box

  1. 1 x XL Display Crossbar (R655)

  2. 2 x Bumper Bracket

  3. 1 x Assembly key (F943)

  4. 4 x Safety pin (F941)

  5. 2 x Assembly screw (F942)

    H824 in the box.jpg

Prepare the AV Wall Structure

Assemble the vertical legs and horizontal beam from the H800 Heckler AV Wall structure and anchor the structure to the wall.

Go to http:// for detailed assembly instructions.


Position the display-locking bumpers to match the VESA mounting pattern for your display.

<aside> ⚠️ Display-locking bumpers firmly hold your display to the crossbar during a seismic event. Therefore, it is important to position them correctly to enable the display-mounting rails to clasp the display-locking bumpers. Two display-locking bumpers are pre-installed to the XL display crossbar. The bumpers are pre-installed for VESA 350 compatibility.


Measure the horizontal spacing of your display’s mounting holes. Fasten the display-mounting bumpers to the positions on the crossbar that match your display’s horizontal mounting positions.




Install the XL display crossbar to the AV Wall base

Install the XL display crossbar