In the box

  1. 2 x ADA Panel
  2. 2 x Installation template
  3. 2 x Panel bracket (R628)
  4. 2 x Wall bracket (R629)
  5. 4 x Wall anchor (F539)
  6. 4 x Wall anchor screw (F843)
  7. 4 x Bracket fastening thumbscrew (F801 and F893)
  8. 4 x Panel bracket screw (F950)
  9. 4 x Wall anchor washer (F896)


Determine the mounting position

Use a laser level to mark the top edge of your preferred panel location.

Use the same laser line to align both ADA panels at the same height.

<aside> ⚠️ For compliance with ADA standards, select a mounting height that positions any portion of the ADA panel at 27 inches above the finished floor.


Tape the installation templates to the wall as shown below.

<aside> 💡 Position the triangle on the mounting template at the top of the template.


Mark the two mounting holes locations onto the wall.