In the box

  1. 1 x Shelf (R605)
  2. 1 x Device Panel (R606)
  3. 1 x Front Panel (F031)
  4. 1 x Side Bracket Set (R600)
  5. 2 x Rackmount Faceplate (R608)
  6. 6 x Quick Release Pin (F936)
  7. 8 x Cage Nut, 10-32 size (F937)
  8. 8 x Rack Screw (F938)
  9. 1 x Hook & Loop Strap (FXXX)
  10. 6 x Strap Buckle (F751)
  11. 1 x Shelf Adjustment Hex Key

Tools needed

Install shelf

Measure the height of your camera device from the top of its enclosure to the bottom of its tabletop base. Add to this height measurement the desired amount of clearance you want between the camera and the bottom edge of the display. Take note of this total measurement (Measurement Y).