In the box

  1. 1 x Wall Mount MX
  2. 4 x Gangbox mounting screws (F912)
  3. 1 x Enclosure Assembly Key (F529)
  4. 1 x Set Screw Assembly Key (F914)
  5. 1 X Cable Tie (F817)


Mount the backplate

<aside> 💡 Use the fully assembled Wall Mount MX as your hole template


Review the slot patterns on the backplate


Determine the installation location and mark the mounting holes

<aside> ⚠️ To install your iPad to your Drywall at an ADA-compliant height, position the enclosure so that the top edge of the iPad screen is no higher than 48 inches above the finished floor.



Mark the mounting slots for gangbox mounting.



Remove the tablet enclosure from the backplate