In the box

  1. 1 x Prime Stand
  2. 1 x Stand Key, F529
  3. 1 x PivotTable Key, F019
  4. 1 x PivotTable Head, E115
  5. 1 x PivotTable Screw, F859
  6. 1 x PivotTable Disc, E104
  7. 1 x Double-sided foam, F129
  8. 1 x Single-sided foam, F132


Remove the brackets



H750X-BG_User Guide_Step 3.mp4

Position your iPad 10th Generation

<aside> 💡 Position the iPad carefully so it does not drop into the screen-cut-out window of the stand.



H750X-BG_User Guide_Step 4.mp4

Reinstall the brackets and route your USB-C cable