<aside> ⚠️ Important Safety Notice: When mounting to mobile whiteboards, be cautious when rolling through doorways. In many cases, you'll want to remove this mount from your whiteboard to avoid potential damage to Huddly Canvas, the whiteboard, and the doorway.


<aside> 💡 This Mount is compatible with conventional and glass whiteboards varying in thickness from 5mm to 25mm.


In the box

  1. 1 x Whiteboard Mount for Huddly Canvas

  2. 4 x Pre-installed mounting screws

    in the box-01-01.png

    H738. Whiteboard Mount Huddly_UG_1.mp4

Tool needed

Uninstall the four screws

Remove the four screws from the mount as shown.


H738. Whiteboard Mount Huddly_UG_2.mp4

Fasten Huddly Canvas Wall Bracket to Whiteboard Mount

Using the four screws provided, fasten the wall bracket to the whiteboard mount.

<aside> 💡 The Huddly Canvas Wall Bracket is included with your Huddly Canvas.



H738. Whiteboard Mount Huddly_UG_3.mp4

Slide Huddly Canvas onto the wall bracket