In the box

  1. 1x Front Base (R284-2)
  2. 2x Display Rail (R284-1)
  3. 2x Rear Leg (R284-3)
  4. 4x Caster (F066)
  5. 4x Socket Head Screw, 1/2"-13, 2.75" Long (F515)
  6. 1x Assembly Key, Hex, 3/8” (F516)
  7. 4x Push-in Cable Mount (F532)
  8. 4x Cable Tie (F530)
  9. 1 x Velcro for strapping devices. Two feet (F856)



Tool needed

  1. Phillips screwdriver

Install casters

Remove the wheels from all four casters.

<aside> 💡 Pull or pry the wheel straight downward from the outer housing to pop and slide the wheel free.