In the box

H660 IG.17182.png

Install the Ethernet cable in Tap IP

<aside> 💡 If using the stand with an original Tap (USB), you will not be using the included CAT cable. Simply attach the USB, power, and other cables to your Tap.


Open the hatch on the bottom of the Tap IP.

H660 IG.1724.png

Connect the included Ethernet cable.

H660 IG.1725.png

Close the bottom hatch.

H660 IG.1726.png

Install the stand

Fasten the stand to the Tap or Tap IP using the four thumbscrews provided.

H660 IG.1848-2.jpg

H660 IG.1848-1.jpg

Flip the stand and Logitech Tap. Installation done.

H660 IG.1729.png